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 B&B Coaches Profile


Name:  Reini Reiter



Years at B&B:  4 B&B, 3 Factory



High School Attended:  Poudre High School, Ft. Collins



Sports Participated in High School:  Basketball, Tennis



College Attended (Degree):  Colorado State University (BS), Arizona State University (MBA)



Current Profession: VP of Global Sales



Basketball Accomplishments / Achievements (Player): All Conference HS, Record Holder for Field Goal percentage in a season; World Senior Games Champion Gold Medalist 3 years in a row.



Coaching Experience: Coaching basketball and other sports for over 25 years.  Father of four boys two of them played in college.  One currently playing back East and starter for his team.  Took prior 16 year old team to final four in Anaheim top division, five of those players currently playing in college.  Coached second 17’s team and 3 of those players currently have received scholarships to play in college.  Coached top 17's team last year and have four players continueing their basketball careers in college with financial aid.  My goal is to develop the individual skills of each player and to help them play at the highest level they choose to target and help them with the process of receiving financial aid to play in college. I also strive to develop an atmosphere of comradery and togetherness. Favorite saying: “Good Teams have Great Players, Great Teams have Great Teammates”. I also emphasize the importance of academics in that process and how it also opens more opportunities to play in college.



Hobbies & Interest:  Former NCAA Division 1 tennis player, professional tennis player.  One handicap golfer. Fly Fishing.  Surfing.  Fitness.  Also focusing on the mental aspects necessary to compete under pressure and maximize performance in athletes.  Biggest passion is coaching and teaching sports and helping young athletes develop. 



Personal (Married, Kids, Grandpa, etc…):  Married to Jude ( a basketball widow for the next four months!).  Four children, all boys ages 35 to 20. (I’ve seen and experienced it all when it comes to raising boys!) Was born in Innsbruck Austria, hence the different name.