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Colorado Basketball Factory Joining B&B Basketball Academy!!!

B&B Basketball Academy is proud to announce that Jacquie Pearson's Colorado Basketball Factory (CBF) will be joining its program beginning March 2014. B&B Basketball Academy would like to thank Jacquie Pearson, all the CBF coaches, and the CBF family for allowing us to have this amazing opportunity!!! 
Jacquie Pearson's meticulous work ethic and her ability to surround her program with quality coaches and players, are just a few of the many reason's why CBF was so dominant in competition.  The success and reputation that The Colorado Basketball Factory has earned as one of the premier youth clubs in the state will create an incredible opportunity for B&B Basketball and for all youth basketball in the Mountain West Region. 
Jacquie Pearson, founder of CBF, will be working side by side with Michael and Stephen Bahl, the brothers who developed B&B Basketball Academy. The quality of coaching, leadership, and organization that B&B Basketball Academy will extend to all its athletes and families will be of the highest caliber. B&B is dedicated not only to improving the quality of basketball being taught and played in Colorado, but it is also dedicated to having a positive and inspirational impact on the community it serves. 
Beginning in March 2014, Pearson and the Bahl Brothers will manage all teams, coaches, and administration.  Jacquie Pearson will focus mainly on the administration aspect of the club. Michael and Stephen Bahl will be "hands on" with all players and coaches in the program. They will be running all basketball operations including, practices, skill sessions, player development, game coaching, and the recruiting and training of coaches.
Tryouts for the Spring / Summer season will be in early March.  The season will run through the summer, and athletes can expect to receive top-level instruction and competition.  Registration information can be found on the website: www.bandbbasketballacademy.org  
Questions and comments dealing with Admin should be directed to Jacquie Pearson: jacquiepearson@yahoo.com or (303) 880-1415
Questions and comments dealing with Basketball Operations should be directed to Michael and Stephen Bahl: bandbacademy@gmail.com or (M)303 908-9512 (S)303 550-5004