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Our Belief - B & B Basketball Academy:

Here at B&B Basketball Academy we are dedicated to the improvement and advancement of all basketball players regardless of age, gender, and skill level. We recognize that our athletes are the future stars of Colorado, thus our mission is to help every Academy athlete become a better basketball player and, more importantly, a better person.
Regardless of skill level, we want to teach and inspire everyone in our program to want more and never settle for anything less than excellence.

-  Professional Coaching from College and Professional Athletes who have an understanding of what it takes, both as an individual and as a team, to maximize one's full potential.
 - Our training is more than just basketball training. Here are areas of growth that we focus on:
               1) Leadership- We strive to develop leaders in our program through a variety of training techniques. Your son and/or daughter will learn to be responsible for his/her actions and be able to communicate with others in a positive and uplifting tone.
               2) Work Ethic- Success is driven by how hard an athlete trains mentally and physically. All athletes will understand the value of 'Goal Reaching' through hard work. The ability for our athletes to pursue and capture their dreams by outworking their opponents is what drives success both immediately and long term.
               3) Open up Doors- One of our main goals is to spark a fire in each athlete we train, and give them the opportunity to expand on our teachings. The power of believing in yourself and your abilities will enable our athletes to gain confidence. Confidence is the first step towards success in all areas of one's life, not just basketball.
               4) Enthusiasm/Fun- Everything the Academy teaches always has an element of fun and enthusiasm attached. Our program is an experience that we want everyone to enjoy, athletes and parents alike. We want our teachings to go beyond basketball and intertwine with your sons and/or daughters social behavior.
  • B&B Basketball Academy emphasizes that winning is a by-product of hard work, but winning is not the most important thing. We believe that playing the game the right way is more important than winning!
Competition Breeds Success:
B&B Basketball Academy is going on its 4th year of running Spring/Summer Competitive Teams. Each year the program has grown in numbers and reputation. Over the past 3 years B&B Basketball Academy has had the privilege of working with over 250 athletes. Our athletes are given top level instruction and are held accountable for their actions both on and off the court. B&B Basketball Academy's Competitive Teams have had huge success in competition, both in Colorado and the Country. 
Every athlete in our program is tied together by a bond of hard work and dedication. B&B Academy's foundation is built on individual skill development. Through constant position breakdown during practice, skill sessions, and games you will become a better and more skilled athlete.  
Although we are very passionate about the importance of individual skill development, B&B Academy stresses the importance of TEAM. In our program no individual is more important than the team they play on. The family atmosphere we create with every athlete in our program separates B&B Academy from everyone else. Every athlete in our program will retain the ability to become a better leader and teammate.